The Mambas NFT

Pre-Sale Pricing (0.065 Extended!)

Become The Greatest Digital Asset Investor Possible...Take Control & Become A Mamba!


  • Price Per Mamba: 0.07 ETH

  • Public Sale: November 24th @ 7 PM EST!

[ Presale Mint Live 11/22/21 7PM EST]

The Mamba Vision

Here are the main focus points of Our Project, and what we aim to deliver in our community:

  • DAO: A decentralized autonomous organization that provides a value backing to The Mambas as an asset, as well as gives the community the control over the direction of the project.

  • Give Back: Over 100,000$ will be given to charity, and massive amounts of ETH and a Tesla will be given to our community through full sellout. 2.5% of aftermarket sales will go to The Maison Fortune Orphanage in Hinche, Hait. (Where founder Mike Wing has spent time volunteering)

  • Community Education: Experts providing members information on Crypto, NFTs, Domain Names, and Web Development to help them get the edge in the market.

  • Fully Doxxed Team

  • Breeding/Gamification: Down the road exploring opportunities for breeding and gamification.

  • The most engaged Team in an NFT project with AMA’s going on in Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, ZOOM Meetings and on Discord on a regular basis!

AMA Schedule:

The Mambas Official Drop Party!

When? 2021-11-24
Time: 23:00 EST
Platform? Clubhouse

Onboarding: Faq’s, Minting, Eth Etc…

When? 2021-11-24
Time: 20:00 EST
Platform? Clubhouse

The Mambas Rewards At Minting:

Mint Day!
​After Mint, FOLLOW Your Mamba's Exclusive Link & Grab Your Unique Mamba Swag By Simply Verifying Your Purchase Via Your Wallet!​
10% Sold
10% Sold
5 Unique Holders will receive 1 ETH EACH!
10% Sold
25% Sold
25% Sold
10 Unique Holders will receive 1 ETH EACH!​
25% Sold
50% Sold
50% Sold
Now positioned to Launch Our DOA and Token [HI$$]! This milestone achievement will open the door to major gains in the digital space.
50% Sold
75% Sold
75% Sold
The Mamba Community Will Make A Decision On This HUGE Milestone!​ This will be a direct result of our DOA and HI$$!
75% Sold
Sold Out
Sold Out
1 Unique Holder will receive the equivalent Eth for a Tesla Model Y, $75,000 will be donated to a charity of the communities choice, and 25,000$ will be given to the Maison Fortune Orphanage in Hinche, Haiti. ​
Sold Out

The Mambas Sample Art

FAQ And Common Issues

Minting will be available through our official website and smart contract address! (Official smart contract will be provided by us on Whitelist Day (Nov 22 ,at 7 PM EST) - See Us on Discord If you need a hand with this!
On minting day, you will be able to purchase Mambas at a cost of 0.07 ETH.  Once minting is over, you’ll be able to showcase on your OpenSea account. (We Will Be Taking Account Of Mint Pace, And Will Very Likely Be Revealing ALL Mambas at the SAME time, 48 Hours AFTER The Public Mint Begins (Wednesday November 24 at 7PM EST)

The Mambas NFT is an exclusive NFT project featuring 8,888 unique Mamba Snakes that have a combined mixture of rare cartoon art, backed by a special Utility for all holders. We are creating a powerful community of digital asset investors where holders have the opportunity gain from other experts and benefit from 'teaming up'. Decisions on Asset acquisitions will be made in the DAO contract, a safer and more stable method to share a reduced risk and gain higher profit.

We’ve worked very closely with top artists in New York and Miami, as well as consulted with high level developers for over the last 2 months to create unique, authentic art. What makes this project really unique is the utility behind it! Be sure to check out our roadmap and White paper.

The Mambas Team is SOOOO unique! Hop in any of our AMA's (Ask Me Anything) Sessions on Clubhouse to get a feel!  Our backgrounds range from 23 Years coding and developing on the internet, to Hollywood Oscar winner, from Award winning artist to International Volunteer / Team leader! Feel free to add us to  your clubhouse groups: 

(coming soon)

The Mamba's Team

Kyle Sweezey


Michael Wing

Founder/Community Manager

Joey Naber

Pr/Community Relations

Diego A. Infante

Artist / Graphic Designer

Michael Cyger




Koen S.


BAYC Members

Project Advisors


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