How To Mint Your Mamba

How To Secure Your Mamba Now!

  1. Purchase Ethereum on,, or directly in your metamask account

  2. Send the crypto to your metamask account. If you do not have a metamask account, download the browser plugin and make an account at . Once you have made an account, go back to where you bought your Ethereum, and click “send”. Then enter your metamask wallet address, which can be found by opening (clicking) your metamask on your browser, and clicking “copy” on the long alphanumeric code displayed (Starts with 0x). Now you have Eth in your metamask wallet and you’re ready to mint some Mambas!

  3. Go to our website Home Page and press the MINT Button (Or Use The Button Above)

  4. Once there, “connect wallet”. A message will pop up in your metamask wallet, click “approve”. Next just select how many Mambas you want to mint, and click “buy”. A message will pop up in your metamask again asking to approve the sale + gas fee. Click approve, and wait until the site gives you the congratulations message. YOU JUST MINTED YOUR MAMBAS! CONGRATS!!

  5.  Go to and check out what you got! (Mambas will reveal Friday 7PM EST/. Before then there will be a placeholder!)