Minting Direct Off Etherscan

Here is a way to MINT your Mamba a little faster, and often for a lot less gas fees then by uing buttons to “MINT” on site.


2. Ensure you see our Contract Name (The Mambas Official NFT – (TMB) (Arrow #1)

3.  Connect To Web 3

4. Click ‘Write Contract ‘

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5. Choose Your Wallet – Likely MetaMask.

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6. Make sure the web 3 Indicator light is now GREEN

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7.  Open TAB 2 –

The first field (payable amount), enter 0.065

(example for multiples: you need to simply multiply the current Mamba price – If it’s 2 then : (0.065X2) = 0.13

The next field simply  enter your quantity (ie: 2) in the field marked: payableAmount (ether)

Finally go ahead and push WRITE.

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8. Once you press WRITE from the prev step, Metamask will spawm itself in your browser for you to review the transaction. This is where you will be able to review the current Gas price for the transaction – IF you leave the window open, it should refresh every 20-30 seconds with updated pricing .

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