White Paper

A Brief Touch On Our Recent History/Path

We are The Mambas, a community of digital asset investors seeking to help give our members the edge in investing in NFTs, crypto, domain names, web development and traffic generation (With a specialty in paid media buys both private and network). We’ve spent the last year investing heavily in domain names. We have learned a lot during this time,  and have developed a much-respected domain name reseller platform: We had a lot of fun running 3 live auctions a week for many months, and are very proud to say we facilitated over 7 figures in sales in 2021 alone! An incredible community developed, and we spent countless days and nights sharing tips and tricks on maximizing our domain name investments. 

As this was happening, we began to see the NFT world expand in size and popularity. After being skeptical for some time, we dove headfirst into the space and were very surprised with what we found. Not only as investors, but as a community. We saw the remarkable similarities between investing in domain names, nfts, crypto, and web development, but there seemed to always be a disconnect between the spaces. Like parallel lines that ran adjacent to each other just inches apart. We seek to bridge this gap. We believe there is an intrinsic benefit to these four facets of digital asset investing coming together. We believe there is value in investors diversifying across the digital asset investing space. We believe in going forward, together.

The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)

The idea of a DAO simply put, seemed like the perfect blend in an ever-changing and fluid space. In a world where the term “decentralized” is thrown around far too often, DAO’s really are by the people for the people, with no centralized control. We feel as though a DAO provides intrinsic value to an NFT, the same way a company does to it’s shares. Beyond any value of artwork, volume, or additional utility, a DAO objectifies the value of an NFT as NFT value = (DAO Value)/(NFT Supply). 

Why A Decentralized Autonomous Organization?

We feel as though DAO’s legitimate project value and mitigate investor risk, something we as investors gravitate to! Imagine for a second the value of a DAO we could build over the next 5 years, with a flat supply of only 8,888 shares of Mambas to represent the value. Imagine a publicly traded company with only 8,888 shares, the value per share would be astronomical! We can’t wait for our meetings and voting processes surrounding the DAO, we truly feel it will be the core of our project keeping us tight. The cool part about integrating a DAO into our project is that it does not require a sellout to give our NFTs intrinsic value. They’re value backed from day 1, and the more Mambas bought, the more value backed they get!

The Truth, Trust & Transparency Of The Mambas

We are not a flash in the pan project. We are not designed to be “flipped”. We did not put 200k to put into marketing to guarantee a flash sellout. We are not that project. Our project is an investment that pays dividends in value. This project is designed to be running for years. This is our baby. We are going to live by this project and die by it. To the moon or to zero, we will stand by this project, proud. We have long term plans of breeding and gamification we haven’t even begun to delve into yet, but we’re elated to. We have plans for our own token coming with our DAO. We have hedged everything on this project, if it fails, we’re going right down with this ship. That is who we are. Fully doxxed, constantly hosting chat rooms, this is who we are. Mike, Kyle, Diego. This is us.

Our Very Near Future…

While we can never predict the future, we can control how we react to it. We will always act in the interest of the community, and no voice will ever be silenced. There will be times the community is on cloud 9, there will be times the community is at each others throats. The same will inevitably occur with the relationship between the team and the community. Regardless of how anything goes, we will stand in front of you humble through our successes and receptive through our failures. We will not avert a room full of grievances and anger, the same way we will embrace every victory and smile. We are hungry, we are disruptive, we are here to stay. We are becoming the greatest digital asset investors possible. We are The Mambas.


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