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Welcome to The Mambas! In nature, the mambas use their extremely sharp senses to not only survive, but dominate their environment. A black mamba can take down an elephant with its venom. We take this same energy into our project where we use our resources to absolutely dominate OUR environment. 

Our environment is Digital Asset Investing. Our community focus is to utilize our expertise across ALL facets of digital asset investing to gain a competitive edge and crush the market in profits. We provide resources and masterclasses on NFTs, Domain Names, Crypto, and Web development.

 Our goal is to create a community of digital asset experts working together to collectively rise. The Mambas will rise, thrive, and dominate in all aspects of digital asset investing. The world is going digital, and The Mambas will lead.

Minting Mambas In Mid November 2021!

... The Humble Forseeable Future, Featured Below ...

Mint Day
Mint Day [Nov 2021]
After Mint, FOLLOW Your Mamba's Exclusive Link & Grab Your Unique Mamba Swag By Simply Verifying Your Purchase Via Your Wallet!
Mint Day
10% Sold
5 Unique Holders will receive 1 ETH EACH!
10% Sold
25% Sold
10 Unique Holders will receive 1 ETH EACH!
25% Sold
50% Sold
20 Unique Holders will receive 1 ETH EACH!
50% Sold
75% Sold
The Mamba Community Will Make A Decision On This HUGE Milestone!
75% Sold
1 Unique Holder will receive the equivalent Eth for a Tesla Model Y, $75,000 will be donated to a charity of the communities choice, and 25,000$ will be given to the Maison Fortune Orphanage in Hinche, Haiti.
Get a Chance To Win $100 In ETH! See Discord Channel For More Info!

What Mamba NFT Owners Get

  • What you get as a member:
  • Domain investing classes from the #1 domain educator in the world.
  • Crypto advice and information from top level investors.
  • NFT tips and direction on hot projects from hyper investors such as BAYC owners.
  • Web development classes from seasoned professionals.
  • Airdrops custom made by incredible artists.
  • Mamba swag gear.
  • Access to the elite community of digital asset investors working together for a common goal; Dominating the space.

Educators & Friends

Michael Santa Maria

Michael Santa Maria Has been involved in Crypto currency since 2018; patiently waiting until after the crypto crash of 2017 to buy… Michael Specializes in alt coins that are undervalued ; Investing in VET and ADA at .007 and and .03, respectively, and holding through the crypto winter of 2018-2020 . Michael also took Large position in ETH under $500.

Michael has his pulse on the markets, always looking for new coins and investments. Over his years of crypto trading I have a proven strategy that will help anyone profit in the every changing crypto market

Michael claims he knows of the next big alt coin and can help even the least sophisticated investors get involved ; This is not financial advice however my personal opinion , and promise to give you the advice as if I am trading myself.

Michael Cyger [DNAcademy]

Called “the best educator” in the industry, Michael Cyger teaches investors, startup founders and marketers how to achieve their domain name goals. He is founder and former host of the award-winning DomainSherpa video show and podcast, Domain Hall of Fame inductee, recipient of the 2021 Lonnie Borck Memorial Award, and founder/lead instructor of DNAcademy, an accelerated learning course for domain names. His business also owns and operates BainbridgeIsland.com

Diego Infante TheMambas

Diego A. Infante (aka 8SIDED) is a visual artist and storyteller across various forms of media. Since 2016, He has created and published comic books and graphic novels under his own publishing company.

He is currently pursuing 2D animation as an alternate method of sharing his worlds and characters with new audiences. The Mambas is his first ever NFT project.

We are thrilled to welcome him into the Mambas, his talents will lift the floor for everyone who is aboard this unique investor project!

diego infante artist the mambas

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